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Catch a Vibe with Sharmanique during her weekly episodes every Tuesday. The show offers your host’s perspective on various topics from movies, music and mental health. From the simplest of topics to the uncomfortable ones, listen to her address them with ease.  **Bonus episodes **Nicki Minaj Corner - Listen to Sharmanique be a complete Barb and discuss everything Nicki! 


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Born and raised in scorching hot Phoenix, Arizona, Sharmanique was born with a passion for writing and music.. Like most people she started writing in her diary about the things she felt about her world. The subject she wrote most about was BOYS. Expressing feelings she thought was love like most young girls do. In school she loved language arts and mathematics. Once Sharmanique got to her last year of high school she was introduced to Psychology. Fascinated with all of the different elements of psychology she was beginning to learn, Sharmanique knew that class had sparked a curiosity in her. In 2019 she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She became an avid podcast listener in 2016 and soon felt like it was a medium she could succeed in herself. Her love for the arts is important to her and having her podcast has allowed her to express herself in a way that has been therapeutic. She hopes to influence positivity and help others feel seen, heard and understood.