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Feb. 5, 2022

Do We Have A Problem?

Do We Have A Problem?


The Queen is BACK! We waited patiently (impatiently at times) and the time has really arrived. In one of my NMC (Nicki Minaj Corner) episodes I said that it would be great if Nicki started her new era at the top of the year and she is doing exactly that. The Barbz are getting everything that we've been waiting for. Nicki took it back with the radio interviews and doing real promo for her rollout. Talking to different radio stations and morning shows across the country to get the word out. She's been doing sooo much promo for her new song featuring Lil Baby #DWHAP. It is currently #1 on Apple music and iTunes. We definitely want to push this to #1 on the Hot 100. She deserves it! Not only does she deserve another #1 but the song is so worthy of it! The song is a smash! Going #1 isn't what's most important though because at the end of the day we are going to enjoy the music regardless.  My girl looking good af and she sound good af too. The video is a cinematic masterpiece and the #1 trending video currently on Youtube!

Click the Watch on Youtube link below to watch the video.

Nicki is getting her acting on in the video and there's not a kitty pool in sight (iykyk). It's safe to say she hasn't disappointed any of her fans and this era is off to a great start. What she mentioned in some of her interviews is that she wants to do what she knows she can do and stay in her lane. She's not trying to keep up with these new girls and why should she? 13+ years in the game and there shouldn't be any doubts about her influence and her ability. I feel like she know exactly what she's doing and this may be her best era to date. I admire her tenacity and her confidence. I also admire how vulnerable she is in her music and in interviews. She has spoken on having "writer's block" recently and how Drake kinda inspired her to get out of that. If you are a writer you can relate to this. Sometimes it takes someone or something to inspire you to get you out of that block. Nicki just seems at peace and she truly knows she is The Queen of this shit. 

       It was so sweet seeing her courtside with her beautiful family this past Thursday night at the Clippers vs. Lakers game. It's been a while since she has been really out and about probably mostly due to that C word that's changed all of our lives for the past couple of years.  She's back to just having fun and purely interacting with her fans. It's not like she ever stopped interacting with us but it's like she understands the importance of just enjoying the craft of music and the human interaction with people who LOVE her. It's not about having anything to prove. It's not about people not giving her her credit but she is beyond the point of needing any type of reassurance about her place in the game. She knows she is that b****. This energy that has been jumping off her is contagious and a joy to watch. Her happiness makes her fans happy as well. It's something that's hard to explain. It's like we feed off her energy. This positive space that she is in is something that we love to see.

Every Friday from now on will be considered "Pink Friday." We can expect more music and announcements back to back it seems like. The excitement is real and we don't care about anything else. No drama, no messiness. Just pure enjoyment. The album is expected to be released before summer time. The new home for Queen Radio is said to be announced within the next few weeks. She is gearing up her record label and talking about it more and more. Her team has been hard at work and this rollout has been pristine. She has been moving like The Queen that she is. It's been a beautiful sight to see and she is just getting started! Next friday she will be releasing her other song w/ Lil Baby titled Bussin which was previewed at the end of the #DWHAP video. We are so ready for it all. If you want to support just stream the music. The music is for your enjoyment and all the extra stuff does not matter at all. If you don't know, Nicki runs TikTok. So many of the viral "sounds" on the app are of Nicki! So it only makes sense that she is doing something with a few popping Tiktok creators. The app is addicting, you have to admit. She doesn't make "TikTok music" but people gravitate to things she says and her BARS. It's smart business and marketing. Nicki has always been a smart business woman. That is one of the things that I love about her. I'm so excited for what's to come as I always say. The time is really here! 


All photos found via Twitter and Pinterest.