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Feb. 14, 2022

Why so obsessed?

Why so obsessed?

Why are people so obsessed with Nicki Minaj? Why are people so obsessed with anyone at all? It's unhealthy, it's pathetic and it makes you appear to be a lame. Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting to see what position on the Billboard Hot 100 did Nicki Minaj's "Do we have problem" featuring Lil Baby land at. The question is if you are not a fan of Nicki's why are you concerning yourself with her chart placement? Why are you going out of your way to see another person fail? Apparently, Nicki was already privy to what the chart position ended up being as she saw the commotion on Twitter from the Barbz freaking out about it. She tweeted "I coulda told ya'll if ya'll wanted to know that bad chi." This was tweeted before the chart announcement went live for everyone to see. The song debuted at #2 on the Hot 100 charts. Now of course we all wanted that number one. But as Nicki said today "I don't need to go #1. I am #1, there's a difference." She does have a point there.

When it comes to being the top female rapper, Nicki has that covered. Anyone trying to argue that can go argue with a wall somewhere. Now if you want to argue the hottest? My answer would still be Nicki but I'm ok with anyone feeling it's Doja Cat or anyone else that is actually doing their thang. I believe "the hottest" is moreso opinion based because maybe Nicki isn't your cup of tea and maybe you prefer another female rappers music over hers. That's fine and dandy but what cannot be argued is the impact. We should not waste time and energy arguing about things that are backed up by stats and fendi facts. We should not be calling someone a "flop" when they continue to put up the best stats on the board. With this most recent release, Nicki has gotten another #1 on the Digital song sales chart bringing her to a total of 9. On this list is also Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, you know pop stars! Nicki is a pop star and a rapper. Not too many if any, out there like her. She has set the bar so high.

People think because they have a label backing which provides them with playlisting and radio play, that they can now compare themselves to The Queen. It's funny that people aren't out here comparing these new girl rappers to Missy Elliot or Lauryn Hill. For whatever reason people have become way too comfortable questioning Nicki's place in this Hip Hop game. No one gets talked down on for not having a grammy as much as Nicki does. People really believe that her not having one means something. Like everything that she has done in her career is only meaningful if she has that trophy on her mantle. That's ridiculous. The truth is a lot of people don't even know how this shit works. People don't know about The Academy. People don't know about the rules to get a song on the Billboard charts. People don't know that these things can be manipulated. People don't know about payola or streaming farms. Point is, this shit is not black and white and because people don't know or understand how any of this shit works, they talk out their ass.

Any time Nicki decides to speak on something, they call her bitter. They judge her for celebrating her accomplishments. It's almost like they wish she would just shut up and go away. But why though? What about this woman has people so upset? She can't even joke around with her fans without someone completely missing the joke and spinning it to make it look like she's crazy. It's actually sad how the internet operates. People can just be minding their business and interacting with their supporters only for a blog or a random person to take a sound bite or screenshot of it and spin it to be something it's not. You will not find me on anyone's page just for the sole purpose of hating on them. You will not find me in anyone's comments trying to tear them down and big someone else up. You will find me on the person's page that I actually like and enjoy their art so that I could big them up because that's what you do as a fan. Ain't no way you giving all this time to someone you don't like. What does that do for you? Nicki has now tied Missy Elliot for most consecutive charting years at 13 each. What this means for those who don't know is that for the past 13 years, Nicki has been on the charts. Missy Elliot's run was from 1996-2008. Just to think a few years after that people started discovering Nicki's music and now in 2022 she is still putting out quality music, intelligent bars and has one of the loyal fanbases ever. That's longevity. That's legendary. Although, a lot of people do not like to admit it, Nicki is one of the best to ever do what she does. In the game for all these years and she's still relevant and fresh. Still applying herself and talking her shit. As fans let’s continue to enjoy the music by talking about it and streaming/buying it. Being obsessed with chart placements and proving points to other fanbase will suck the fun out of the whole experience. Remember all this means is we are closer to the 5th album and the documentary. How is exciting is that?