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Nov. 16, 2021

First Blog Post | Insecure Season 5 Episode 4

I have finally decided to get back into blogging. I used to blog a bit during the myspace days, which I miss a lot actually. Speaking of Myspace, there's been talks of a new social media platform that resembles the exact layout of the very missed and arguably the best SM platform ever. I noticed the topic trending on Twitter and I was tempted to go download the app but I saw that the new traffic broke the app so it would've been pointless. But as soon as I remember the name of the site I'll probably go take a peak. Anywho, since the season finale was last Wednesday there will be no more episodes besides the Nicki Minaj Corner bonus episodes. I did mention doing an end of the year bonus episode (I just can't stay away). The idea of not recording and expressing these thoughts is hard to accept but also invigorating to take a much needed break. That's why I'm here writing this. To express. Hope you all are enjoying the new page. It has been fun for me to create so far. There's so many cool features that come with this webpage but I have to say the coolest to me at the moment is the voicemail feature. My listeners are able to leave me a voicemail so if you are reading this and you are someone who has listened to an episode and wanted very badly to respond to something I've said, respond in a VM. Even if that hasn't happened for you yet and you got something you'd like to say or ask, send me a VM. I would really love it. We have a guest form that can be filled out if you have any interest in being a guest on the show for SEASON 4. The new season premiere will be announced soon!

Now let's get into the most recent episode of Insecure titled "Faulty, Okay?" This episode allowed us to really dive into who Nathan exactly is. Nathan has an interesting story that many people are happy about it being told. It shows us how mental health disorders are experienced by everyday people. Maybe you've experienced exactly what Nathan went through and now you can ask yourself "Is that what's going on with me?" or "Is that what happened to me that one time I had an episode?" Watching this kind of television is what the black community needs. Different conversations are introduced and made to feel more normal then we've been conditioned to believe they are. This is the genius of Insecure the show! Alright, so let's get into the details of the episode. Nathan is throwing a event for his Barbershop at the beach. It's a nice crowd of people and seems like the place you wanna be on a Saturday. Minus the fact that there wasn't any food for people to eat thanks to one a Nathan's friends. Anywho, Issa, Molly, and Kelli show up looking all cute. Issa spends a good portion of the episode not sure how Nathan feels about her. She even assumes he's dating someone else which Molly eventually assists with getting the tea on that. Come to find out it wasn't what it looked like. We are introduced to Nathan's brother and sister in law in this episode. This brother whom has no idea Nathan suffers with his mental health. We find out that at one point Nathan was living with his brother and was having a manic episode that no one knew about, not even Nathan himself. The brother ended up kicking Nathan out due to his irrational behavior but we know now that he has Bipolar Disorder. So again we learned a lot about Nathan in this episode. We also learned that Issa wants to be more than friends with Nathan. So it looks like they are dating now? I'm assuming that Issa will end up having to choose between Lawrence and Nathan. Or maybe Nathan and Issa are endgame and the rest of the season is focused on them just figuring their relationship out. We shall see. Check back here for more blog posts as I will begin doing them more often. As always, Thank you for the support and listening to me. Love, Peace & hair grease! -Sharmanique