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Dec. 7, 2021

I Hate U, I love you.

Let's catch up. SZA dropped "I Hate U" the other day. It's a bop. Has she missed at all lately? Naw. So where tf is the album? Or at least the release date? She is on tour. Honestly, I think she's really just testing shit out. I get it, with this climate in the music scene you really don't know how people are going to receive your art. On top of that, most music consumers attention span doesn't allow them to really sit with a song or an album. They just move on to the next thing so quickly. Even with that though, certain artist do have the ability to capture your attention for over a time period. Whether that be over the course of some weeks or months and even years depending on how sonically pleasing the album is. CTRL is one of the those works of art for me. There are several albums that will forever have my heart by the strings. Rihanna's ANTI is one of those albums for example. Please don't get me started on Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Back to SZA's CTRL, in 2017 this album was everything I needed. I can't remember the order exactly but I fell in love with LOVE GALORE and then DREW BARRYMORE. It definitely could've been the other way around, doesn't matter though. These two songs were out before the album was released and I had them on repeat like you wouldn't believe. CTRL to me was so vulnerable and expressive. SZA spoke for me and to me in each song in a way that inspired me so much. The fact that she had any doubts or hesitations about that album is hard to believe. I can believe it though because I have those doubts too when I create music. When you write music you can be left feeling so vulnerable and out in the open with your feelings visible to anyone ready to pick them apart.  CTRL is a classic in my book so I'm anxious to hear what her next full body of work is going to sound like. Hopefully we get to find out top of the year because it's time sis! 


Insecure has been soooo good this season. We finally got to hear Nathan say "I love you" back to Issa. The people have mixed feelings about the couple because they feel the chemistry between Issa and Nathan isn't there. I disagree though. I feel that there is chemistry between them two, it's different. It looks different and it may not look as good to you as Lawrence and Issa do. That's a fair way to feel. I do agree that what Lawrence and Issa have does exude LOVE OF MY LIFE energy but I think that's because of their history and time spent together. Whatever the reason behind it, it's undeniable. Condola and Lawrence had a heart to heart in the most recent episode. It's clear they have an understanding that will allow for them to coparent in a more healthy and peaceful way. Which is great for them. Condola expressed to Lawrence how she thought he was a good father and she told him that she wanted him to be happy. I think that made him feel empowered to go over Issa. He's gotten the reassurance that he is doing what he needs to do as a father and the only thing left to complete him now is Issa. So the episode ends with him giving Issa a call and since it's so unexpected by Issa I think she abruptly rejects the call. It's possible the next episode may begin with her answering that call or calling him right back. As always though, we shall see!