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Nov. 24, 2021

Insecure S.5 Ep.5

This latest episode of Insecure has me blushing a little on the behalf of Issa Dee. Personally, I would prefer a man to tell me he loves me first but the way it happened with Issa and Nathan was actually cute af. Issa told Nathan she loved him without thinking about it. The words fell from her lips like food does when you miss your mouth feeding yourself. The words came out so unpredictably she shocked her damn self. The moment was cute to me because the whole episode they are figuring out what exact type of relationship they're indulging in. Are they boyfriend and girlfriend now? Well after a facetime call with Issa's mother played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, Nathan refers to himself as Issa's boyfriend. Issa looked at him with this surprised expression that turned into a smile. During this episode Issa discovers how supportive Nathan really is for her. But when Issa accidentally told him she loved him he didn't say it back. This can be an issue for Issa. Why didn't he say "I love you too"? Is it because he's not ready to say it back? Does he not feel that way just yet? Or is it because he feels like she's all over the place and doesn't believe she means it? Any of those could apply and be valid ways to feel. But now that Issa has expressed those feelings we are going to need Nathan to express some feelings as well.. soon! To me this episode was freaking adorable and I'm here for this ship for the time being. We know how quickly things can change as the end of the episode reminded us of this. While walking to get some coffee in the hospital where Molly's mother is currently after suffering a stroke, Issa stumbles upon a familiar face. It's Condola, the baby and him (yes I meant to say him) daddy, Lawrence! So familiar faces plus the baby since this is her first time seeing the baby. What a turn of events to say the least. Issa just stares at the new family for a moment until her and Lawrence eventually lock eyes. You can see the hurt all over his face, or was it shame? Shame because of the way things turned out between him and Issa. Hurt because he's not quite over her yet. The episode ends with Issa yelling out "Wait!" at Condola and Lawrence. I wonder what she's going to say. I'm sure in Issa fashion she will make it awkward than what it will need to be and try to make a joke that Lawrence probably will find funny or just give her a pity laugh. Condola will be polite but she probably won't know what to say. I mean what should any of them say in a moment like that? We will see what the writers come up with next Sunday. I'm so excited. I think we are reaching the nitty gritty part of the season where all the edge of your seat shit starts to happen. This season has really turned out to be great so far. I admire what they are able to fit in the 28 mins of each episode. Although it's never enough time I still end up feeling satisfied at the end of each episode. It doesn't feel rushed to me at all.  Plus the storyline has me hooked so who am I to complain? Molly started out the episode riding some random dudes face as he attempted to spell her name with his tongue. Molly is living out most single women's dreams. She has the wardrobe, the career and the nice ass apartment. Plus, an adorable dog named Flava Flav who turns out to be amazingly trained. Molly realizes what she doesn't have in this episode and the thought of possibly losing her mother before she witnessed her walking down the aisle is haunting. In this episode, Molly realizes she wants to be more involved in her parents life. She has been so focused on her career she has not had time to or made the time to be a present daughter. Because what kind of daughter doesn't know her mother had a stroke before? I personally don't think Molly should be so hard on herself. Sometimes things have to happen to teach us lessons about life. To help us understand the importance of family and being there for one another. The real friendship displayed throughout this episode would make anyone want a friend like Issa. She really came through for Molly like a real friend should,